Information under RTI: Fee Deduction on withdrawal of Admission by Student in University.

On Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 2:11:03 PM UTC+5:30, Sanjeev wrote:
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Refer your recent fee refund notification dated 6 Dec 2016. Apparently it has been stated that this has been brought to help students against whimsical deduction of fee & handle non-refund cases by private Universities. As per earlier notification dated 23 April 2007 a deduction of Rs.1000 was applicable for withdrawal of admission before joining course. Even if a student withdraws after joining he was entitled for proportionate refund if sanctioned strength is admitted in the course. However, as per new guidelines there is a minimum deduction of 10% fee University can deduct in the name of processing fee even for withdrawal any time, that too on aggregate fee. For example if a student deposits Rs.50000/- with a University in April to secure admission against a semester fee of Rs.1,50,000/- for session to begin in July. Now if the student withdraws in May - he would face a deduction of R.15,000/- against a sum of Rs.1000 as per earlier rules. The deduction of 10% on aggregate fee is much higher than the earlier amount of Rs.1000/-. The concept of aggregate fee is new one and is totally in favour of University without any rationale. The new system does not specify anything about Hostel fee nor define aggregate fee. Further in new system the student looses 100% money if he withdraws after one month of last date of admission even if the University is operating at above the sanctioned strength. The notification does not specify what will happen if a University admits student even after last date of admission. This is surprising as the new notification starts with the plight of poor student and claims to call it an initiative to safeguard the interest of students and curb the profiteering tendency of private Universities. In the absence of any description to justify the higher deduction the notification is not a speaking one and primarily appears to be highly in the favour of private Universities. In this back ground please inform :

(i)            The justification & rationale recorded in the file noting for notifying this excessive higher deduction applicable on withdrawal of admission by student?
(ii)           What is the meaning of aggregate fee?
(iii)          What if a University takes admission even after declared last date of admission?

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