Letter to Defence Minister Jan 2013

Letter to Defence Minister Jan 2013

Letter to Defence Minister Jan2013.pdf
New Delhi, 11th January, 2013

Respected sir,

Greetings from Dwarka Residents.

We are shocked to know that two of our Jawans were killed and their bodies have been badly mutilated. One of them was beheaded as well. We, the citizen are shocked, extremely disturbed and request you to take a firm action to teach an exemplary lesson to whosoever has committed such crime.
It is imperative that we do not give an impression that our country has no teeth to deal with such coward persons who have been testing our patience for so long. After all, how long can we continue to tolerate ? Regular intrusion, unprovoked firing on innocent citizens and soldiers, Kargil, Parliament attack of  26/11, dastardly attack on Mumbai and many more. Despite all this, we people have given enough opportunity to our neighbor to settle but it appears they do not understand the language of peace. Straight denial has become their fashion but we cannot be expected to continue to stick to a unilateral policy of tolerance. The so-called peace process / Cricket Diplomacy have not yielded any result except wining and dining. These two things cannot go simultaneously. Our Government must do something concrete. Patiece is running out.
We, the concerned citizens request our political establishment and the armed forces to give a befitting response. We the citizen are ready to pay any price to maintain our peace, dignity and territorial integrity.
With kind regards
For and on behalf of Dwarka Forum (Regd.)

Sushil Kumar

Mr A K Antony
Honble Defence Minister
Govt.of India

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