Letter to BSES May 2013

Letter to BSES May 2013

Subject: Power cut in Dwarka

Ms Renu Antony

Dear Ms Renu,

Greetings from Dwarka Forum

We thank you for the continued support for the Dwarka Forum as and when approached to you.

Dwarka Forum which was founded in the year 2008 with the vision of “Lets get united .. Together we CAN and we WILL” to make Dwarka a better place to live.

We are keeping constant watch power cut in Dwarka and are surprised to see the trend.Some time it is more than 2-3 hours,sometime 1 hour and some time 15-20 times in with a gap on 15 -20 minutes.Madam we can understand the demand at peak and limited availability but it is not understandable 15-20 times power cut on a day.This is painful and your organisation must eplain the reason to the public that how this can happen.

We also fail to understand why BSES cant maintain a schedule of Power cut in area like Swarka where there is not a single un authorised connection.

May I request you to look into the matter and educate us.We also offer our support of any kind for making it regaularised in a way which provide relief to residents of Dwarka.


President- Dwarka Forum

Dwarka Forum Discussion Group

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