Letter to Additional Commissioner of Police

Letter to Additional Commissioner of Police

July 11, 2013

Shri. Anil Kumar Ojha
Additional Commissioner of Police
Delhi Police
South West District
Sector 19, Dwarka

Dear Sir, 

Subject:           Preparation of Dwarka Police

Recently we have terror strike at Bodhgaya and there are news that terrorists are again looking to target Delhi.Dwarka is of course on top list because of having International Airport,Metro stations and crowded market.We should also keep in mind that 15th August is coming and thereafter we will have series of festivals.

We wish to highlight that after visiting all market place in our area it appears that our police is not taking any precautionary measures to counter such threat.We have seen even a dozen of sylinders are kept in the footpath between two shops and that’s too with in a distance of 10 meters from police beat installed in sector 6 market.pedestrain between the shops have been wholy encroached .Many shops are using cylinder to cook somasa and pakora outside the shops in both sector 6/10 and 5/12 sectors area.In our view some concrete action needs to be taken to ensure safety of the people otherwise these situation is vulnerable and enemies always use such mismanage to hit us.

We take this opportunity to submit  that necessary instruction must be given to officer concerned so that people of Dwarka will enjoy independence day and festival peacefully.

Jai Hind!

Yours sincerely,
President – Dwarka Forum (Regd).

Cc: Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Commissioner of Police

About Dwarka Forum
v  A group of non-political people from several societies and Pockets in Dwarka
v  Formed in the larger interest of our Community living and create an atmosphere where we share our views, experience and contribute for the betterment of our Sub-City.
v  Got Registered on 18th August, 2008 as under Societies Registration Act
v  A platform to discuss, share and collaborate ideas and issues(16000 messages so far on various issues)
v  Over 2200 online members representing various RWA, CGHS and DDA Pockets and growing
v  Dwarka Forum will be one point contact point with 300 Cooperative Group Housing Societies, 45 DDA Pocket Complex and Market Trade Associations.
v  Bridges the gap between common residents and civic bodies/Authorities
v  Strategies a better living with collaboration of Dwarka residents
v  Regular interaction with CM office, LG, DDA, MCD,PWD,DJB, Police, MLA, Councilors etc. and leading social activist groups across India

For More details Visit www.dwarkaforum.org or email us dwarkaforum@gmail.com
For any assistance you may reach on 011-20514195/7503247843/9811792180/9810550172


  1. Beat Constable – Accountability:
A Beat Constable is the Public Face of Delhi Police and the 1st contact points for Public as well as Violators. Currently if you ask Beat constable what is his duties and objectives or task. He/she will have no clue. There must be clear direction in WRITTEN the list of responsibility for the beat constable and in the failure to adhere the listed accountable departmental action. For example: A beat constable still have no clue whether he have power to remove an encroachment on public area/land at first instance.

  1. Beat Boxes and Security Posts:
A large number of Police Beat Box and Security Box were removed in the past due to reason both valid and some cases invalid. These Boxes or Posts are need of the hour. A security check staff posted at entry/exit points of PS boundry or Bandhabast position need shelter to give protection from weather conditions. While deciding its design the sample used in CWG may be considered which is glass so that no anti social elements misuse or even staffs not use it as sleeping shelter or drinking and other purpose etc.

  1. Display of Boards at the Exit gate of all PS about important contact Nos: All the police station EXIT Gate promptly display the Contact No/Email/Fax/Mobile No of all Senior officials hierarchy wise including a special post at DCP Office to handle grievance of unsatisfied citizen coming out from PS without getting his complaint registered or harassment or Corruption etc.
  2. CCTV: A large number of CCTV installed during CWG which are to be equally distributed to various Police Stations and install at all vital ENTRY & EXIST and Markets. The DF actively played role in CCTV installation and Control room for Sector 6/10 Market.

Street Lights:  Dwarka Forum have conducted extensive work to get all the street light functional in close coordination with respective Police Officials. We were assured by DDA and BSES Officials. The DDA Electrical Division will be completing the unlit areas by the end of March 2011. Those inner areas where BSES have empty pole the DDA will be replacing it and handing over to BSES.

Letter to Transport Minister July 2013

Letter to Transport Minister July 2013

Letter to Transport Minister July 2013.pdf

July 3, 2013

Respected Sir,

Greetings from Dwarka Residents.

This is with reference to our discussion with you during Bhagidari Workshop in Tyagraj Stadium on 30th of June, 2013. We would like to submit that Dwarka Sub city with over 6 Lakh residents has been completely ignored by DTC.

We had and have been   raising these issues time and again and had series of meeting with DTC official starting from Depot to CMD, but unfortunately  no concrete measure has been taken by them. We are thankful that you have asked us see you in your office and hence we request you to give us a convenient time for appointment to discuss public transportation issue in Dwarka. Our concern is as follows:-

1.      A self-sufficient Sub-City planned has NO Connecting Public Transport System through DTC services barring few buses ply on a single road no 201 connecting to Nazafgarh.

2.      DTC uses 3 Bus Depot in Sector 2, Sector 8 and Sector 10 with over 300 buses? However, not even 10% of the buses are put for the benefits of Dwarka Residents. We demand that the buses from Dwarka bus Depots should cater to the residents of Dwarka by connecting to various locations rather than passing by.

3.      There is complete mess up at Madhu Vihar terminal  as these buses are Illegally parked on the main road no. 201, instead of parking it on  a bus depot hardly 200 meter away.

4.      No direct bus services to connect Trans Yamuna area.

5.      Resumption of circular services as per logical route and proper timing.

6.      Buses connecting from Dwarka More and Dwarka to Domestic Airport. This is very important. We fail to understand why the various sectors of Dwarka are not inter connected and to the T3 and Domestic Airport.  

7.      Arrange new bus routes for Office goers for various routes such as Gurgaon, Nehru Place, CGO Complex, Central Secretariat, Janak Puri etc.

8.      We demand that bus stops with proper shelter be built. As the buses are fitted with GPRS systems, the bus stops should have electronic boards to announce which bus is approaching.  A proper timetable of the buses should be put up on each bus stop for commuters to know which all buses are plying.  This is completely doable as even smaller cities have these facilities.  Delhi being a Capital with so much of invested in infrastructure lacks these basic requirements. It’s a shame.

We will be obliged if an early appointment is given preferably on a Saturday.

Kind regards,

Sushil Kumar
President Dwarka Fourm

Mr.Ramakant Goswami
Honble Minister of Transport
Govt.Of NCT of Delhi

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