RTI Portal Suggestions

RTI Portal Suggestions

On Friday, March 2, 2018 at 4:19:28 PM UTC+5:30, Sanjeev wrote:

Request filed with Department of Personnel & Training
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Dear Sir,

  1. While uploading reply by PIO an e-mail intimation is sent to applicant informing him that reply has been submitted by department and he may visit the RTI portal to view the reply. The applicant, thereafter has to visit the portal to see the reply. This results in extra action by applicant and also increases the load on portal. However, there is an easy way to fast track this process, that is instead of sending only intimation the system may trigger an email which may contain the reply itself. That will not only help applicant to instantly know the information provided but would also avoid help ease this process.
  2. The special character of "?" is not allowed in the text of application. However, it is felt that many a times "?" is an essential element of text and absence of this does not allow framing of proper questions. The RTI is all about asking questions and without "?" the sentence is incomplete. Therefore, it is requested that this sign may be allowed as part of text.
S K Goyal

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