Letter to BSES 23 March 2013 event invitation

Letter to BSES 23 March 2013 event invitation

11 March 2013

Shri. Surender Panwar                         Shri. Anil Tripathi
Dy General Manager                             Dy General Manager
BSES                                                        BSES
Jankpuri, New Delhi                             Jankpuri, New Delhi

Dear Mr. Panwar/ Mr. Tripathi,

Subject:           Police Public Meeting on Law and Order of Dwarka.
Invitation to BSES to Partner in Solution to Safety & Security.
(Specific to Street lighting and Women Safety)
on Saturday 23rd March 2013 at 3. PM


As you are very well aware of the situation prevail in our city and especially Dwarka Sub-City where Street Lights functioning under BSES/DDA areas.

The Dwarka Forum have taken up the issue to get this resolved jointly with all stake holders such as Delhi Police, DDA, SDMC with support of BSES. 

We would much appreciate if you could designate concerned officials who are responsible for street light issues of various sector of Dwarka from (1 to 23). The event will be on Saturday, 23 March 2013 at 3.30 PM, Venue will be Gokul Garden, Sector 7, Dwarka.

You may contact Mr. Sunil Sareen ( 9810094055) or Mr. Sushil Kumar (7503247843) for further information

We appreciate BSES support in ensuring the safety and security of the citizen. 

Thanking you,

President- Dwarka Forum (Regd)

Letter to Additional Commissioner of Police Feb 2013

Letter to Additional Commissioner of Police Feb 2013

March 8, 2013

Shri. Anil Kumar Oha
Additional Commissioner of Police
Delhi Police
South West District
Sector 19, Dwarka

Dear Sir, 

Subject:           Invitation - Police Public Meet – March 23, 2013

Dwarka Forum & the Delhi Police is organizing an An interactive Session Between Residents of  Dwarka  and  The Law enforcement Officials on Security and Safety of  Dwarka Sub-city on March 23, 2013  from 4 PM to 6 PM AT Gokul Gardens, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi (Invitation enclosed).  We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to grace this occasion by your presence and interact with the Residents of Dwarka.

We have successfully conducted a number of Police- Public Meet organised for entire Dwarka, Sector wise and Pocket wise in the past.

We take this opportunity to submit before you suggestions for betterment of Police. (Annex-I)

We have also attached a brief background about Dwarka Forum for your perusal.

Dwarka Forum will remain available to Delhi Police for all possible assistance.

Jai Hind!

Yours sincerely,
President – Dwarka Forum (Regd).

Cc: Mr. Ram Kishan Yadav SHO Sector 23 PS
      Mr. Bhagwand Singh, SHO, 16B PS Dwaraka North
      Mr.  Somnath Purthi, SHO, Sector 9, Dwarka South
      Mr. Sundar Singh Yadav SHO, Palam

About Dwarka Forum
v  A group of non-political people from several societies and Pockets in Dwarka
v  Formed in the larger interest of our Community living and create an atmosphere where we share our views, experience and contribute for the betterment of our Sub-City.
v  Got Registered on 18th August, 2008 as under Societies Registration Act
v  A platform to discuss, share and collaborate ideas and issues(16000 messages so far on various issues)
v  Over 2200 online members representing various RWA, CGHS and DDA Pockets and growing
v  Dwarka Forum will be one point contact point with 300 Cooperative Group Housing Societies, 45 DDA Pocket Complex and Market Trade Associations.
v  Bridges the gap between common residents and civic bodies/Authorities
v  Strategies a better living with collaboration of Dwarka residents
v  Regular interaction with CM office, LG, DDA, MCD,PWD,DJB, Police, MLA, Councilors etc. and leading social activist groups across India

For More details Visit www.dwarkaforum.org or email us dwarkaforum@gmail.com
For any assistance you may reach on 011-20514195/7503247843/9811792180/9810550172


  1. Beat Constable – Accountability:
A Beat Constable is the Public Face of Delhi Police and the 1st contact points for Public as well as Violators. Currently if you ask Beat constable what is his duties and objectives or task. He/she will have no clue. There must be clear direction in WRITTEN the list of responsibility for the beat constable and in the failure to adhere the listed accountable departmental action. For example: A beat constable still have no clue whether he have power to remove an encroachment on public area/land at first instance.

  1. Beat Boxes and Security Posts:
A large number of Police Beat Box and Security Box were removed in the past due to reason both valid and some cases invalid. These Boxes or Posts are need of the hour. A security check staff posted at entry/exit points of PS boundry or Bandhabast position need shelter to give protection from weather conditions. While deciding its design the sample used in CWG may be considered which is glass so that no anti social elements misuse or even staffs not use it as sleeping shelter or drinking and other purpose etc.

  1. Display of Boards at the Exit gate of all PS about important contact Nos: All the police station EXIT Gate promptly display the Contact No/Email/Fax/Mobile No of all Senior officials hierarchy wise including a special post at DCP Office to handle grievance of unsatisfied citizen coming out from PS without getting his complaint registered or harassment or Corruption etc.
  2. CCTV: A large number of CCTV installed during CWG which are to be equally distributed to various Police Stations and install at all vital ENTRY & EXIST and Markets. The DF actively played role in CCTV installation and Control room for Sector 6/10 Market.

Street Lights:  Dwarka Forum have conducted extensive work to get all the street light functional in close coordination with respective Police Officials. We were assured by DDA and BSES Officials. The DDA Electrical Division will be completing the unlit areas by the end of March 2011. Those inner areas where BSES have empty pole the DDA will be replacing it and handing over to BSES.

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