Improving Mobile App (Traffic Sentinels) & Other Issues.

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DWARKA FORUM Dwarka Ki Awaaz

                                          (Regn No. S-63070)                                 


      (A Welfare Association of Residents & RWA's / CGHS Representatives of Dwarka Sub-City)


Regd. Office:

720, Pocket-1, Sector-14,

Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078  

Phone No. 011-20514195


                                    Letter No. DP/SKG/089              23/Oct/2016

Commissioner of Police,

Head Quarter, Indraprastha Estate,



Sub: Improving Mobile App (Traffic Sentinels) & Other Issues.


Dear Sir,


Refer function organized to felicitate Traffic Sentinels on 18 Oct 2016. During program many issues were raised about the quality & coverage of app, one prominent issue raised was non-inclusion of on road obstructive parking as reportable crime thru mobile app. Since this is the single largest offense impacting each & every road of Delhi badly, you promptly agreed to add this as an offense in the list. We would be grateful if you could confirm that concerned software engineer has been advised to update the app to include on road parking as an offense.


In addition we would like to bring to your knowledge following issues:


(i)   Please refer The Delhi Control of Vehicular and Other Traffic Roads and Streets Regulations 1980

(a)  As per section 2(2) parking is prohibited within 10 meters of a corner of a street/road. Which means no parking can be done on turn, cut or crossing on either side. Parking near cut/crossing is a serious menace and is a major source slowing down speed of vehicles creating huge nuisance on roads.

(b)  As per section 2(4) parking is prohibited near a bus stop. This also a universal violation happening on each & every bust stop significantly hampering movement of buses in left lane.

Both the above violations need to be specifically covered in mobile app so that public can report these for necessary legal action by Traffic Police. Segregated category in mobile app for these offenses would definitely help sentinels report these with ease.


(ii)  As per section 6 of The Delhi Control of Vehicular And Other Traffic Roads And Streets Regulations 1980 every vehicle needs to have 2 tail lamps one on each side. In Delhi thousands of tractor trolleys are plying and NON of them have any lamp or number plate behind. These trolleys big in size, often create dangerous situation and cause accidents on road specifically during winters (foggy days) when visibility is low. Despite our repeated reminders, over the years, Delhi Traffic Police has shown no interest in taking action against these trolleys for reasons best known to them. It is a fact that 100% of these trolleys don't have any tail lamp & number plate but traffic police is reluctant to take any action. Needs your intervention. 

(iii) As per section 127 of Motor Vehicle Act a police officer needs to remove a motor vehicle abandoned on a public place. A truck chasis has been stationery on service road in front of Hauz Khas Rose Garden (Outer Ring Road) for past so many years and is used as a mobile tower, despite several references by PWD the Delhi Police is avoiding removing the same. As a result the lane is blocked for vehicle movement. Needs direction from your office.

Please acknowledge. 


S K Goyal, General Secretary- Dwarka Forum, D-10 Shivam Apts, Plot-14, Sec-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078.


Copt to: (i) (ii), (iii), (iv)