Petition to suggest ways to bring improvement in Government functioning

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The councils of State, Rajya Sabha,

The petition of Sanjeev Kumar Goyal, Secretary Dwarka Forum,

Sheweth: Brief…Petition to suggest ways to bring improvement in Government functioning.

Description:  Forming a Suggestion Committee:

In our country many administrative arms have been put in place to handle 'pubic grievances' but there is no exclusive cell to consider & explore new suggestion citizens have in their mind. 
Almost every Govt. department is having a public grievance portal and as a central agency we have a full-fledged DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATIVE REFORMS & PUBLIC GRIEVANCES which has a public grievance portal. The issue with all such public grievance mechanisms provided by Government is that they don't handle any 'suggestion'. They are there to handle only complaints and any such letter sent to them in ONLY transferred to other department just like a prudent postman without devoting ay time or application of mind. Just by transferring letter the job of portal ends without any further responsibility. There is no system whereby such idea is deliberated & brain stormed by any team of officials to examine its suitability and implementation. 
Psychology of a person in-charge of complaint cell is totally different than that of working to examine a suggestion. For complaint cell every complaint is a burden and efforts are to get rid of it at the earliest whereas for review of a suggestion thinking with open mind is required, which is not possible for in-charge of complaint cell buried under tons of letters. So ideally complaint and suggestion cannot be handled by same person.
It is a human behavioral attribute that every human being wants to maintain status quo. No one easily let a reform enter in any system because change may be considered painful, at least initially, for some but also may adversely impact the vested interest of corrupt officials. 
Even if suggestions are sent these find way to dustbin because these are to be handled by persons who are already managing the show. There may be several reasons why such ideas are not examined: 
(i)            Any suggestion sent to any department about any existing process is seen by them as an invasion on their authority & intelligence,
(ii)           As a result of natural human behavior there is no inclination to accept change and there is heavy bias in favour of maintaining about status quo.
(iii)          Unlike grievances there is no necessity for department to conclude it and send a logical reply to applicant.
This is happening everywhere every new and improved efficient way of utilization of resources will hit economic interest of some Govt. official so he would never want that efficiency to come into being. If there is an improved technique of road construction it will hit the corrupt engineers or if there is better way of handling traffic – it will hit corrupt traffic police men so they will use all their force to not let it happen. When we suggest any improved road inspection report – PWD will not accept it because it will reduce corruption & fix responsibility for inefficiency. Only those reforms happen which are forced from top – so where public should go to with its ideas? 
In the absence of any official organ to accept suggestions for improvement of processes to bring higher level of efficiency or even telling Govt. to plug the loop hole in existing system to curb corruption – there is no one to listen it. Since every improvement in the process either hits personal interest of someone in the system or bring in limelight existing inefficiencies ALL efforts are made to reject it. There is very small section in bureaucracy those have courage to think about any new suggestions with open mind. 
Even the top posts in India i.e. the secretariats of President, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Minister etc. are also functioning just like post offices. Any letter sent to them is just FORWARDED to other ministry/department and NOTHING is done - there is no one whose duty is to read those letters and take a decision about the idea. Suggestion letters are virtually lost among heavy number of letters received by the office of these high level functionaries. Full secretariat is behaving ONLY like a post man with no one to apply mind to the issues raised. Now with electronic mechanism actual transfers are done by machine and no one has any feel or sense about what is written in the letter and how significant it could be for country. In this manner huge public brain is going untapped, which can otherwise be channelized for the welfare of country at large.  
There are examples where for enforcement of valid ideas the doors of court had to be knocked when after years of correspondence with ministry we failed to yield any result. We have ideas about judiciary, road maintenance, environment protection, traffic management, education policy, tax laws, waste disposal, labour laws – but whom to tell? Several HUNDRED of our letters written to several public bodies in past have gone waste and there is no response whatsoever by anyone. 
Even the web portal has several limitation. First one can express opinion only about the selected topic floated on the website second there is a limit of 500 characters (around 60-65 words only) – so how one can express everything with a limit of 60-65 words - it is hindering the free flow expression of users. Even otherwise there is a whole generation which does not use computers and there is still a large section of society for whom computer is a luxury not reachable within their means. Under such circumstances NON-Availability of any official channel to put forth valid thought through suggestions based on life experience is incalculable loss to the country. 
In our country where several million strong bureaucratic machinery is functioning not even one section is there to devote 'time' to discuss suggestions? 
 1. The subject matter It is a Matter of General Public Interest, may please be examined in detailed as it concerns whole country, 
2. We request that one EXCLUSIVE Central Committee/Cell/Section be constituted and publicized with following mandate where people of India can write their suggestions about improvement in any existing process or suggest new process: 
(i)           Examine suggestions sent by public to improve existing processes for bringing greater efficiency in the system and forward its preliminary recommendation on such suggestions to concerned department for a time bound review AND response,
(ii)           After getting response from concerned ministry, deliberate it. If required, discuss it will applicant or any other expert and take a decision. If accepted, send the idea to concerned Ministry for implementation with a copy of applicant. If rejected send rejection letter along with reasoning to applicant.

(S K Goyal)
General Secretary- Dwarka Forum
D-103 Shivam Apts, Plot-14,
Sec-12, Dwarka, New Delhi-110078
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