Mail to NDMC: Reg: Standard Road Inspection Reporting.

On Saturday, December 31, 2016 at 9:43:41 PM UTC+5:30, Sanjeev wrote:
DWARKA FORUM Dwarka Ki Awaaz
                                          (Regn No. S-63070)                                 
      (A Welfare Association of Residents & RWA's / CGHS Representatives of Dwarka Sub-City)

Regd. Office:
720, Pocket-1, Sector-14,
Dwarka, New Delhi - 110078  
Phone No. 011-20514195
SKG/NDMC/025   31/Dec/2016
New Delhi Municipal Council,
Sansad Marg,

Dear Sir,

Reg: Standard Road Inspection Reporting.

It's a matter of every one's impression that road/footpaths maintenance in NDMC area is much better than rest of Delhi or may be rest of country. Such efforts are appreciated. However, when we critically look at it we find that these footpaths are still far away from being called even as near to perfect even from Indian laid down standard.

Just as an example please see photographs attached these will give glimpse that there are several silly mistakes existing on the footpaths in NDMC area. These glaring incidents can only happen if either the un-wise staff has been put to duty or they are sleeping.

After minutely observing the road conditions in Delhi and noticing higher standard silly mistakes committed by other municipalities we have devised a 20 point inspection report. I only walk thru a small stretch in NDMC area daily and find several such silly mistakes committed by staff in maintenance of footpaths. If implemented this 20 point Inspection Report can, to a great extent, bring harmony in the way road inspection is carried out by your staff and give them perspective about how to carry out road inspection. Depending on the staff strength you may decide the frequency of generation of such inspection report.

We are bringing this matter directly to your knowledge because this is a big change in the way engineering department is operating. This might force several employees to pull up their socks & mend their old ways to more efficient ways of operating. Being a change this can only be derived from top.

The list of 20 points are described below:

1)     Whether any kerb stone/tile is uprooted or caved in on central verge or footpath,
2)     Is there any very high level of entry point of footpath requiring steps?
3)     Is there any obstruction of any kind on footpath creating problem for pedestrians?
4)     Whether any pothole is visible - if yes where and about what size?
5)     Are there any cracks in road to be filled or road caved in?
6)     Is there any missing man-hole or drain cover?
7)     Is there any work on road/footpath to be done within warranty period?
8)     Is there any falling pole, railing, wire, overhead sign board, tree branch, dead animal lying on road etc?
9)     Is there any dug up space on footpath or road inadequately barricaded or lying unattended for many days?
10)  Is there any broken or unpainted speed-breaker or zebra crossing?
11)  Is there any encroachment on road or footpath?
12)  Is entry & exit points of footpath have appropriate poles fixed so as to prevent climbing of vehicles on it?
13)  Is there any requirement of signage?
14)  Is there any water logging, construction material, debris, damaged vehicle or any other kind of material lying on road?
15)  Is there any damage to any kind of street furniture?
16)  Is green belt/central verge free from malba/garbage?
17)  Is there any open space where tree can be planted?
18)  Are there any overflowing sewer requiring desilting?
19)  Is soil level in central verge/green strip is at least 2 inch below the edge of kerb stone to allow water to stay there for a while before being sucked by ground?
20)  Any other issue, as per intelligence of concerned field staff,

As a new-year resolution you may issue direction to Engineering department for the enforcement of this Inspection Report

Please acknowledge. Thanks You.


S K Goyal
General Secretary,
Dwarka Forum.