IMPORTANT MESSAGE - To All Dwarka Residents on SDMC

Dear Dwarka Residents,

We have come to know that SDMC has requested few societies/cghs in Sector 22/23 and Sector 6 to dump their garbage in some "Identified Spots". Have you all received any circulars from SDMC to this effect?  Dwarka Forum have not received any such written communication/circular from SDMC.

PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THIS VERBAL INSTRUCTION. We would like to update the residents of the following details below: Please go through it carefully.

1. Dwarka Forum has been trying very hard to get SDMC to implement their Ciruclar (attached herewith) on Waste Segregation of Garbage in accordance with Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2016 (SWM&HR 2016).
2. According to this Order - SDMC has to collect daily the segregated kitchen waste for composting (after 3-4 months of rigorous & continuous follow-up and meetings with Commissioners, Mayor & Councillors DF has managed get the Sector 12 Dhalo allotted for composting purposes). The dry waste could be collected every alternate (as there wont be much of it).

3. SDMC had to collect the segregated kitchen waste (4-5 societies were doing 100% segregation, contact details were provided to SDMC) for composting and transport it to the Dhalao daily - Despite repeated requests - SDMC did not collect the segregated waste.

4. SDMC was to circulate this ORDER to each and every Society of Dwarka - Dwarka Forum had helped them in printing more than 300 copies of the order - which they collected and did not distribute.

5. SDMC was to conduct awareness campaign in all societies- Till date they have not done.

6. Despite Dwarka Forum's continuous follow up and support to them SDMC is unwilling to START THE COMPOSTING PROJECT. Dwarka Forum has extended full support - Even old them to chalk out the route map for the segregated kitchen waste from societies -They are reluctant to do any work on this composting project.

7. The composting project started as a pilot project - SDMC is doing all possible ways to STALL IT AND call it a failure.

8. Instead of focusing on the composting project which is THE ONLY OFFICIAL "PILOT PROJECT, SDMC has started creating mess all around Dwarka by telling few societies to dump their garbage in some "selected place" CREATING MORE MESS all around Dwarka.

9. They are doing their best to deviate not to implementing the Composting project & NOT TO DO THEIR WORK.

10. We urge the residents not to follow this dubious direction of SDMC. We request the residents to do the following things:
-Please keep your bins inside the societies - do not keep it on the roads
-If you require additional bins - please request for more bins.
-Segregate the garbage at source - Kitchen waste & dry waste
-Tell your Jamadar to Collect Kitchen waste in separate bins

The segregated kitchen waste has to be collected by the SDMC trucks daily & transported to Dhalao for composting.

By doing all the above - we will make some headway - otherwise all of Dwarka will be a BIG GARBAGE DUMP.

SDMC's job is to clear garbage every day, thats their ONLY JOB. Dwarka Forum has tried and will continue to try and influence everyone - to cut the load of garbage going to the landfill by composting the Kitchen waste which gives you enriching manure to your gardens.

Once again requesting all the residents not to dump the garbage on the roads and keep the bins inside the societies for SDMC trucks to collect it from the gates only.

IF any of the society has received any written communication on the So Called "Pilot project to dump the garbage on some spots" - please email it to us.

As educated citizens let us at least keep our surroundings clean and NOT ONLY YOUR HOMES. Lets do our job responsibly and force SDMC do their job.

Team Dwarka Forum