Community composting: Low on cost, High on delivery

This is called aerobic composting which is very reasonable in term of cost and workmanship. Through this method, I believe that all the problems surrounding your wet and garden waste can be solved using steel mesh rings with stand and some gunny sacks.

All simple and efficient things evolve with time and effort. It’s neither vendor-driven, nor machine-driven. This method exploits the traditional method of composting to the hilt but customises it perfectly to suit individual needs. While the infrastructure comes at a few thousand rupees, a few hundred rupees is all you spend each month to keep it running. Segregated kitchen waste is collected at the doorstep by a housekeeper in a pushcart. He carries a sack of sawdust in the cart and sprinkles a handful of it on the kitchen waste.

This cuts down the moisture problem significantly. This half-processed waste reaches a roofed compost yard located in a corner. The worker spreads a thick layer of (at least 8-10 inches) dry leaves at the bottom and puts kitchen waste on top of it. This absorbs all the moisture content seeping down from the top layers efficiently. The top portion is always filled with dry leaves to ward off fruit flies, odor, mosquitoes and of course, rodents.
Composting time can be reduced by using activator like butter milk, curd, jaggery etc.

In continuation of Dwarka Forum meeting, Ekta Apartment,DDA SFS,Pocket 1&2, Sector 3,Dwarka gets it first cage from SDMC as a pilot project.

 Thanks team SDMC Najafgarh zone for their support and we are hopefull that in near future problem of horticulture and kitchen waste will be controlled by this small effort.