MoM between BSES & Dwarka Forum held on 19th Nov16 at Gokul Garden, Sector-7, Dwarka

BSES                                                                   Dwarka Forum
1.    Mr.J.P.Kaushik, DC(DWK)                         1. Mrs. Susha Iyer
2.    Mr.Bal Kishan, DGM (O&M)                     2. Mr. Sushil Kumar
3.    Mr.S.K. Dagar, DGM (Street Lights)          3. Mr. P. Menon
4.    Mr. Vimal Goyal, DGM (O&M)(Plm)
5.    Mr. Ravi Rajpal, Asst. Manager (O&M)
6.    Mr. K. C. Bhadole, AM Const.(Plm)
7.    Mr. Anil Suri, A.M. DWK STLG
8.    Mr.Nishi Kant Gupla, GM (Business)

A.    Single Meter connection to multi meter in CGHS.
DERC have issued notification for change over from single meter connection to multi meter system in Societies.  For this purpose, CGHS should first approach KCC (Key Customer Center) situated at Nehru Place.  After scrutinizing the case, KCC will forward the case to respective divisions for implementation.  These two divisions have not so far received any such order from KCC.  Hence they could not give any about the cost, duration, etc.  Till the time separate meter connection is given member can take benefit of subsidy by declaration from management.

B.    Poles in front of signal lights.
Few points come under DDA;  BSES have agreed to transplant such poles which are under them.  Regarding, poles under DDA, DF & BSES to put pressure on DDA to remove the poles or to pay the expenses to BSES.

C.    Poles in service lanes/ Fallen poles and unused /excess poles lying here & there:

Concrete poles are lying here & there in Dwarka.  These poles are left over by the construction division.    BSES have agreed to identify these locations and withdraw the poles soon.

D.    Panels Maintenance: BSES agreed to inspect the panel and undertake maintenance, wherever required.

E.     List of sectors under different divisions (DWK & Palam)
BSES provided division wise list under which Dwarka sectors are coming.

F.    Wherever developmental work(s) intended by BSES are held up because of any other agency’s intervention, the same to be informed to DF so that DF shall take up the matter with the concerned Agency / Dept.

G.    WhatsApp Group
It was decided in the meeting to form a WhatsApp group combining BSES and DF Members so that better coordination can be maintained.
BSES-DF WhatsApp Group

Dwarkites use technology to interact with BSES.  Dwarka Forum Members and BSES staff has formed a WhatsApp Group wherein they communicate instantly to resolve the problems. A decision was taken in the meeting  held on 19th November.

It was understood that the group also discussed in the meeting various other subjects such as Single Meter connection to multi meter in CGHS, Poles in front of traffic signals, Poles in service lanes, Panels’ Maintenance, resolution of pending developmental work, etc.