“I can’t sit idle when I see injustice in front of me” – Late, Shri. MK Gupta

Dwarka Forum remembered Gupta jee in a unique way , surprises ​government school children,by donating story books.

His indomitable spirit gave life to his words, his experience is a testimony to the change he has ushered in and his strength is a marker of his perseverance. Late. Sh. MK Gupta, irrefutably spoke of how rights are believed to be same for all citizens. Mr. Gupta became a change that he wanted to see. A social worker, An RTI activist, a freelance journalist and a student of Law revered all Dwarka over his efforts and commitment to highlight and resolve many small issue this sub-city faced.

He was indeed one of the strongest pillars of Dwarka Forum who helped the forum with writing RTIs, following up with civic bodies, managing media and moreover providing his guidance to other members of the forum.

Today​,​Dwarka Forum remembered his love and support to the people of Dwarka. Dwarka Forum, along with his Wife ​Smt Kamlesh Gupta and daughter​ Smt Preeti Gupta, Son-in-law Sh Zakir went to Government School of Dwarka Sector 6 (Site 1) and donated story books to ​school library so that maximum children can take the benefit, develop reading skills and simultaneously learn moral values . Team of Dwarka Forum also taught young girls about their ideology where it suggested students to learn to take responsibility to address the issues around them rather than pin pointing on government agencies. Mrs. Shashi Singh, Principle and teachers were delighted to have Dwarka Forum talk to the children and encourage them towards taking social responsibilities.