MoM:Meeting with DDA,Chief Engineer (Dwarka) Dated March 15, 2016

March17, 2016
Minutes of Meeting
Meeting with DDA,Chief Engineer (Dwarka) and his entire team
Date: March 15, 2016
Venue: DDA Manglapuri Office

Following issue was discussed:-
1. Site for Waste Disposal: Deputy Director (H) raised the issue of space for dumping wood waste resulting from garden maintenance. CE asked the officers to survey the available land at sector 24 and advised them to dump it there.
Action:-DF to follow with concerned officer
2. (ii) Watering Gardens: CE informed that electricity connection for booster pump is available in gardens at sector 11, 19, 6 & 10. The connection in sector 16 would be available in a week’s time, and for sector 5 the application has been made with BSES. CE assured that within current year arrangement shall be made for watering gardens with the help of STP. CE informed that as per order of High Court all the tube wells are to be closed down and only water released from STP is to be used.
Action:-CE to ensure supply within one month in above mentioned park and within next year in rest of the parks.
3. Manure Machines: Attention of CE was attracted towards affidavit filed by DDA with NGT about procurement of machines for conversion of garden waste into manure. It was informed that file is under process and is with Director (Horticulture) Vikas Sadan to reply the queries raised by Finance Department.
Action:-DF to follow with concerned officer
4. Potholes: CE informed that he has issued instruction to whole department to insect all the roads in Dwarka and repair all the potholes with ready mix concrete before onset monsoon.
Action:-Concerned executive Engineer
5. Civil Works in Parks: CE informed that he has directed the civil wing to take round all the parks in Dwarka, identify and undertake repair & maintenance of broken walls, walking path, grills etc. in a systematic way. This has to be started from April, 2016.
Action:-Concerned Executive Engineer
6. Water Body: On reminding him about revival of water body in sector 8, CE assured to take necessary action on urgent basis.
7. Obstructed Traffic Signals: CE directed DD(H) to inspect the effected spots along with DF team on coming Saturday and immediately take pruning of tree branches on the spot. He also directed DD(H) to procure any of the equipment/tools required for this purpose and take his direct sanction.
Action:-DF team and DD(Horticulture)
8. Tiling on road 201: Attention of CE was also attracted towards wasteful tiling work on road no. 201. The concerned engineer assured that all the obstruction like sign boards, walls etc. would be removed with in a week’s time
Action:-Concerned Engineers
9. Grass on Pavement: DF advised DDA to plant grass on the berms kuchha area on road side to improve greenery & reduce dust level. However, CE did not give any assurance on this aspect but asked concerned officer to look into.
Action:-Concerned Engineer
10. Water bill till March 2015:-Attention was sought that some of the area have still not received bill for the period March 2015.It was also highlighted that how and why DDA has charges sewer charges in the bill.It was informed by CE that bill will be issued latest by 31st March,2016.Regarding sewer charges it wad clarified that DJB has charged it from DDA and hence it was recovered from consumer’s.On issue of difficulties of new connection CE also directed concerned official to look into the issue of new connection.
11. Market Plots: Regarding DDA's Market Plots at Sector-8& Sector- 16-B, Dwarka occupied by SDMC for more than ten years (though allotted to them in 2005, only for one year on purely temporary basis), CE informed that discussions with SDMC are at final stage and matter will be sorted out soon.
12. Open Gym: regarding provision of open Gyms in the parks, CE Assured to give the estimates on the request of RWAs, further expenditure to be incurred by MP/ MLA 's budgetary provisions on their instructions.
Meeting ended with vote of thanks

List of Attendee:-
From DDA
Sri D P Sharma, Chief Engineer
Sri A K Chopra, SE CC 2
Sri Hirdesh Kumar,EE WD(6)
Sri R K Bhanwaria,EE-SWD7
Sri R K Singh,EE/SW8
Sri Naveen Walia,EE/ED5
Sri Allahabadi,EE(E)/ED10
SRI S K Sharma,EE(P)/SE8
Sri Prem Chand,DD(Horticulture)
Sri Ved Prakash,AE(E) P
Sri R A Khan,AE/WD6
From DF
Sri Sushil Kumar-President
Sri Sanjiv Goyal-Secretary
Ms Madhuri-Treasurer
Sri A S Chhatwal-Joint Secretary
Sri P Menon-Governing body member
Sri Ashok Dua-President Brahma CGHS