MoM with MCD Najafgarh Zone & Dwarka Forum Nov 2011

2nd Nov 2011 

Ref :                DF Meeting with MCD Commissioner on 9th Feb 2010 
                        DF Meeting with MCD Addl Commissioner- Engineering dated 17th March 2011
                        Df Meeting with MCD Dy. Commissioner held on 2nd Nov 2011

The Meeting chaired by Shri. C R Garg, Dy. Commissioner, MCD, Najafgarh Zone. The list of officials from MCD as per list below. The DF Delegation led by its President.

Dwarka Forum welcomed Shri. C R Garg to Najafgarh zone as DC. The DC welcomed and appreciated the DF taking lead in getting resolving the issues pertain to Dwarka, as many members of the delegation left their personal/profession engagement and attended this meeting.
The following points as per AGENDA  Discussed:
1.      Sanitation:
a.       Garbage Collection by DMSWSL:
We have sought a number of meetings in the past and met with DMSWSL representatives and DEMS officials. The contract obligations are not fulfilled by the concessessionaire. Dwarka Sub-City RWA's are not happy with performance since July 2009. A Community based monitoring is working in some of the wards, we appreciate DC initiate monitoring and stringent penalty against contractor for defaults.
Discussions: The Dwarka Forum presented the background of Garbage Collection in Dwarka. The DMSWSL concessionaire failed to give Muncipal Solid Waste solution in contractual obligation. The photographs of various sites presented to DC. The DC himself is resident of Dwarka felt Enough is Enough and he himself notice every day the garbage collection in Dwarka pathetic.

ü  Decision: The DC directed the Asst Commissioner Shri. Dileep Singh and Santitary Supervisor Shri. Xx to make every alternate visit Dwarka and prepare report. If any violation found the pictures along with highest Penalty and imposition to be levied on the concessionaire.
ü  The concessionaire agreed to provide more bins  as per poplution of DDA Pockets or CGHS Apartments etc within (100 more)30.
ü  Where ever the bins were damaged will be replaced within 15 days. The Concessionaire DMSWSL will print the BIN number and helpline numbers in all the bins within 15 days.
ü  The concessionaire is bound to clean the 25 meter area around the bins and disinfect the bins.
ü  The concessionaire will conduct Public Awareness campaign across Dwarka in close coordination with RWA & MCD NGZ.
ü  DC MCD NGZ will discuss with all RWA's of Dwarka to have Garbage bins within Society/Apartment control area for proper monitoring, cleaning and current situation of rag pickers littering & over flow etc.
b.      Safai Karamcharis of MCD Sweeping of Roads
There were over 361 SK's as per paper records or Biometric Attendance. While visit to any of the sector which DC may choose will disclose these are only for making attendance in the morning call and after noon calls. These majority of the SK's are not on duty for 8 hours certainly sure from the ground.  What ever little sweeping happens only with daily wage/temporary/adhoc/absentism SK's.
Discussions: The DF presented the condition of roads of Dwarka where 99% not cleaned all are filth and silt on the roads unhygienic and pollutioning  with dusts. The DC himself agreed as seen on ground the roads are not cleaned thoroughly almost where ever in the last 1 month he experienced. DF informed the DC about the attendance where SKs mark attendance at Biometric and then fled then come back for next schedule attendance and not on ground(ie. roads).
ü  The SS will conduct daily inspection and report will be submitted directly to DC.
ü  The AC Najafgarh will conduct survey and inspection once in a week of Dwarka and submit report to DC.
ü  All the SI and ASI to be warned any area found not swept will be severe departmental action including suspension. The AC  & SS  been asked to prepare any delinquency found and submit  to DC for action and permission.
ü  The list of SK's & ASI will be provided to respective area RWA.
ü  The DF sought list of all SS/SI & ASI along with their mobile number for close coordination of sweeping & monitoring.
ü  DC also directed SS to ensure all roads to be swept by SK as SS informed some of the roads are not handed over. The DC said across Delhi all roads irrespective DDA/PWD/MCD the roads cleaning is MCD responsibility. The roads such as Dwarka-Palam Flyover till Domestic is not cleaned by MCD nor assigned. Same is from Sector 21 Dwarka till NH-8 Shivmurty on Dwarka Link road no sweeper assigned.
ü  The SK will also clean the DDA markets. However private markets developed private developers or their MTA will arrange cleaning.
c.       Salary of Temporary/Adhoc/Absentism SK paid after 2-3 months.
ü  The DC informed that all the Temporary/adhoc/absentism SK are being absorbed to regular pay and there will no such delay of salary once it finalised.
d.      There is no SHELTOR or Store room provided in Dwarka for SK's
ü  The DC asked the SE Shri. AK Mittal and JE Mr. Jain to identify locations in consultation to have sheltors for SK's. The locations where no MCD land available the MCD & DDA meeting will be organised by DF to have land allotted to MCD.
e.       The replacement of Cycle Rickshaw, Wheel broom, broom, Pawara & apron's etc are hardly distributed.
ü  The SS argued that the tools are provided in time to all SK. The DF countered it with evidence and photographs and SK disclosed they don’t get on ground the supplies and tools. The DC asked AC & SS to personally ensure the material reaches the ground level SK's and not just remain on records and store rooms.
f.       The Tractor/Trolley/Trucks are hardly visiting to collect the SK's kept malba on road side. The department/division that operates Trolley/Tractors/Trucks not cooperate with ASI/SI seems to be real problem.
ü  The DF presented to DC that across Dwarka on roads the SKs swept malba and silt are kept for months and not collected. The DC asked AC & SS to ensure cleaning of the malba time to time without any delay.
g.       C & D Waste: In spite direction from Commissioner on 9th Feb 2010 & 17th Mar 2011 by Addl-Comm Engineer the collection & cleaning of C&D waste is not happening from Dwarka Sub-city. It always remains blame game between MCD & DDA.
ü  Decision: The DC asked the engineering department to clean what ever C&D waste on MCD areas and handed over areas by DDA. The DC informed that those areas and roads which are with DDA this can not be taken as it is still with DDA. The DF argued that even the Commissioner agreed earlier on this and a joint meeting with MCD will be held organised by DF to sort out this matter.

h.      There is no provision to collect GREEN/Dead Leaves and Horticulture waste from Dwarka resulting often burning them. Other zones have dedicated trucks for collecting the green/dead leaves and horticulture waste.
ü  The Horticulture department of MCD informed they clear all the green leaves and dead leave waste for areas/pockets handed over to MCD. However roads on which central verge is with DDA, DDA need to clean. DF presented that in other zones such as Central zone have dedicated trucks to clean dead leaves fall of from trees all along road sides etc. The DDA is cleaning its horticulture waste. DF also brought to notice a number of cases dead leaves burning by MCD SK;s across Dwarka.
2.      Maintenance of DDA Pockets handed over to MCD by DDA:
a.       There is no update of whose , who responsible in MCD for respective DDA Pockets whether maintenance of Civil, Electrical or Horticulture, Sever etc not circulated. A list be given to respective DDA Pocket RWA of all assigned staffs and copy to DF.
ü  The MCD will send an update list of DDA pockets taken over by MCD from DDA and respective department heads and responsible supervisors for each pockets for each department.
ü  The MCD will also try to install a board in each RWA disclosing the name and contact of the respective officials contact details for citizens.
3.      Projects of MCD in Dwarka:
a.       There is no information on list of project that MCD doing in Dwarka.
ü  The SE Project handed over the list of projects that MCD handles in Dwarka. Mainly the 5 community halls in Sector 22, 23, 12, 17 & 17 B.
b.      Only one project that Dwarkites aware is of Cremation Ground and thankfully completed but still have lot to do on ground for electric/cng and access roads and other facilities.
ü  The SE Project & EE assured that the Cremation ground will be completed soon and handed over to Health Department. The creamation ground is still with Project Team. There is no specific budge or allocation for this cremation ground resulting temepoary budget used to meet requirements. The DF will write to EnC & MCD Commissioner to enhance the budge and allocate more funds for the creamation ground to make more facilities. The MCD informed no pundits or NGO appointed by MCD to this cremation ground, who so ever currently at the site is without permission and without authorisation..
c.       There is not a single Urinal/Toilet project in Dwarka Sub-City. While MCD claims it is DDA who own the land or road and reason for not executing. While MCD allow shops, carts and even allow license of Handicaps shops etc on footpaths but not urinal and toilets on corner spots available. We appreciate a joint meeting with DDA & MCD to sort out this issue meanwhile MCD take lead.
ü  Decision: MCD is ready to build urinals provided DDA provide location and land for the same. The DF countered when the kiosks and other permission can be given by MCD for footpaths why not portion be used for Urinials at least in Markets and Park areas? The MCD informed NO KIOSKS given permission by MCD including that of Sector 9 Metro station etc.
4.      Building Department of MCD:
a.       The Dwarka Sector 7 Ramphal Chowk comes under MCD Building which approves the plan , completion certificate etc. The major problem is compliance to MPD2021. There is not a single parking found in any of the building. The basement are used as showrooms.
Decision :
ü  MCD requested the DF along with Market Association of Ramphal chowk to identify the location for building a proper Parking for the area. DF will consult RWA/MTA of Sector 7 for the same inform by end of the month to DC. DC assured urgent priority
b.      The MCD must initiate URGENTLY a dedicated parking in Sector 7 Ramphal chowk area commercial notified roads.
c.       The Dwarka Link road have many farmhouse that conduct marriages and events without license and permission, they must be sealed. Those with licensed also violates parking rules and other terms causing serious concern for Dwarka bound commuters
ü  Decision: The DC asked SE Building/EE building to conduct regular survey of the Farmhouses and SEAL those who violate the rules & conduct function without permission. Those who were granted license will also have to be withdrawn the permission if found parking and other norms violated.
5.      Health Trade issues:
a.       The DHO have provided the list of restaurants' with license and take away. Which duly shared with RWA & Citizen. However a large number of Takeaway actually operate from ground floor shops as full fledged restaurants which not only inconvenience but also serious SECURITY Hazard.
ü  Decision: The DC asked the Health Trade staff the status. The staff informed time to time raids conducted. However no concrete results. The DF suggested those who violates more than one be withdrawn their license and seal the shops. Those who are without health trade and operate, be immediately be sealed. The DC directed the staff to conduct immediate raids and seal those and those to be withdrawn license for violation if any without any failure.  DC and DF desire the safety of the citizen is paramount and illegal operation must be stopped in the markets of Sector 4/5/6/10/11/12/7/21/22/23.
b.      The DF have been objecting to giving any license to Chef Carts/Chinese vans etc. We appreciate MCD will keep this status quo and not allow common public land to be used for any kind of health trade.
Decision: The MCD informed that the matter is in the court as DF aware. The MCD have no intention to give license till the NOC form Traffic and DDA not received. The staffs are not update on the stand taken by MCD, so the DHO/MHO will update the same to DC and DF.
6.      General Branch:
a.       Licensing: A large number of shops are operating without due license from MCD.
Decision: The staff will be asked to extensive drive to survey and raid the shops which are operate without license.
Action by: AC & General Branch (Enforcement Team/Committee)
b.      The illegal hawking and encroachment in markets are regular sign, the so called COMMITTEE or enforcement only making show off and not stopping encroachment. The articles/items for show and sale are put outside shop areas in-spite evidents on CCTV etc.
As above
c.       Cycle Rikshaw: There is no regulation on number of Cycle Rikshaw. There is no FIX Tariff for the rikshaw. In Dwarka some rikshaw charge extorbient rates. Example a Travel from Sector 21 metro to Plot no. 4 is less then 1.6 KM and charge is Rs. 15-20.
Decision : The DC informed as per Supreme court direction the MCD have no right to intervene at this stage only a mere penaly of Rs. 50 can be imposed and impounding is practically imposible to keep rikshaw in custody etc. There is no provision of fixing tarrif also with MCD.
7. Property Tax : The Dwaka have less of Property Tax camps and counselling and clarificaitons by MCD inspite highest collection.
Decision: Since there was Jt. Commissioner A&C visit senior officials of A&C NGZ was not present. The DC directed the A&C to seek cooperation of the all the RWA to identify defaulters as well as those who evade property tax as resident while accommodation is rented out.  The A&C will organise camps in Dwarka to have counselling and guidance to Property tax and clearing doubts and pending issues etc.
Responsibility : A&C – Najafgarh.
The meeting ended with thanks to DC and MCD Staffs & look forward for cooperation. A review of the decision and its implementation will be held after two months.

MCD staffs represented by :
DC- C R Garg
AC  - Dileep Singh
SE- NGZ, SE (Proj), EE(Miii & IV), EE (Bldg), EE(Proj), EE(DEMS), EE(Elect), Dy A&C, DHO, DDH, VO, SS
Others – Asstt. Engineer, Horticulture, House Tax, Health, Anti-malaria, Electrical 
Mr. Meena from DSDWSL were present.
From Dwarka Forum, Shri Rejimon, Sushil Kumar, Anoop Rohera, Anil Rajput, M K Gupta, Pradeep Bansal , Sudershan Kaushik.

Brief point's summary
Mr. Meena, representative of Private Contractor informed that they have put 405 dustbins and have replaced 45 bins which were broken and the remaining broken bins would be replaced by 30th November.  He also informed that they have 7 trucks to carry the garbage to the disposal sites. On demand of the Forum, Dy. Commissioner told the contractor to increase the number of bins as per actual requirement and replace the wrecked bins.  He warned that if this work is not completed within the deadline, MCD will take stringent action including penalty on the contractor.  He ordered his staff to visit Dwarka every week and if negligence is found, proposal for the penalty should be put up to him.  He said that Dwarka is a ‘zero’ tolerance zone and zero tolerance means zero tolerance.  He ordered to Asstt. Commission for giving a report about the working of DSDLSW on every third day.  Mr. Rejimon, President, DF suggested that bins should have serial numbers and DIMS representative, Mr. Meena told that he will be able to commit any thing on this after discussing it with his office.  Dy. Commissioner ordered that the garbage from the bins should be lifted daily and to clean the 25-metre area around the bins and asked his staff to report on this on alternative days.  Rejimon raised the issue of cleaning within the boundary wall, (Pl. elaborate this aspect) to which DC told that he will take up this issue in the meeting which will be held in Dwarka itself.  Anoop Rohera raised the issue of cover on the bins and the disinfection of bins on regular basis and said that all bins should have covers.
It was also informed that the total number of Safai Karamcharis are 361 but all are not working and though their duty is for 8 hours, they work for much lesser hours. DC ordered his Sun Inspectors and ASIs to take strict action against such workers.  DC also told that 5200 more karamcharis would be allotted soon for all the zones in Delhi.  DF raised the issue of shelter for the Karamcharis and DC ordered the staff to send requisition after finding the suitable locations and sought the co-operation of DF also in finding the locations.
DC made it clear that the all roads are to be swept by the MCD whether they are with the DDA or PWD or with some other authority.  However, MCD is responsible to remove Malba (construction waster) from its own roads only and not from the roads belonging to the DDA or MCD. 
He also said that all the roads above 60-metre will be swept mechanically.  He said that burning of green leaves and shrubs is not allowed and the Horticulture Department of DDA should lift these material which can be used in converting this into fertilizer.  He also said that the Market Associations are undertaking the sweeping of the markets like markets at 5, 10, 4,5,11 and 12 sectors.  DC told that entire area including market and pedestrian foot paths are to be swept by the MCD. (Contradiction - please correct the position).

DC told that the handing and taking over of the cremation ground at sector 24 is pending and it will be done after the work of the ground is over.  He ordered to send the requisition about the pending electric work by next week. Mr. Garg, DC also agreed to share the list of DDA pockets which have been transferred to the MCD.  He informed that the drawings are under preparation for the five community centres in sector 22,23, 12 and two sectors in sector 17 and hoped that in the next two months, tenders will be floated for their construction.
About the problem of urinals in markets, he sought the co-operation of the DF also in identification of spots for them so that MCD can construct them. There was some ambiguity about the allotment of KIOSKS in Dwarka, while DC said that they are allotted by the DDA, Rejimon cited a case of sector 9 and said that this has been allotted by the MCD.  DC told his staff to give me clear picture on this issue. He also sought help from the DF for the parking space at Ramphal Chowk so that a proposal may be forwarded to the head office.
DF raised the issue of traffic jams on Dwarka Link Road due to the parking in front of farm houses.  DC ordered that Farm Houses should not be unauthorisedly used for commercial purpose and they should provide parking space inside the farm house and directed the staff to take stern action on this.
On health related issues, on the complaint of encroachment of common areas by the restaurants, DC told that the restaurants working unauthorizedely should be sealed and he will check after a week.  He informed that the permission for the Chinese food vans is granted by zonal level after getting NOC from the Traffic Deptt and for this purpose, the licence from DCP Traffic is a must.  Health Deptt. informed that the fogging is on and it takes a month time for undertaking fogging in sector.
On demand to ban the Polythene bags by Pradeep Bansal, DC told that he will take up the matter with the SDM for monitoring.

Following contacts were given :-
S K JAIN(AE) 9717787775
FOR SECTOR 1 & 2  MR.SHYAM LAL-9212381817
DC ordered representative to replace defective bins immediately.It was made it clear that this responsibility is with DMSWSL. He also ordered to put numbers in bins as suggested by us.
Regarding forged attendance he ordered that close monitoring is required and if found guilty must be suspended.Officer concerned was also advised to ensure the timely payment of wages and equipment they use.
2. Maintenance of DDA Pocket
DC ordered that list of taking over from DDA must be made available to DF for wide publicity.
3.Project in Dwarka

It was informed by the concerned officer that construction of inner road will be done in next 90 days in following pockets
sector11(1) and (3)
sector13(1) (B)
Sector 17(e)
Following Community centres are also in pipeline
Community hall sector-22,23,17,12
DC expressed his concern on parking issue but he asked DF to give suggestion on space where parking facility parking facility can be provided.
5.Health issue
DC ordered concerned officer to check approval of all restaurants and others who provides food.