DF Governing Body 2018-2021

Dwarka Forum - New Office Bearers 
For the year - 2018-21

AGM was held on, Sunday, Dec 16, 2018 at Gokul Garden. Members have elected the following office bearers for the next term:

President             - Mr. Sushil Kumar : sushilkmr346@gmail.com 
Vice President     - Mr. Sunil Sareen : sareendwarka@gmail.com 
Ge.Secretary       -    Mr. A S Chatwal : aschhatwal@yahoo.co.i                   
Treasurer            - Mr. P.Menon :ashirwadmenon@yahoo.co.in                        
Jt.Secretary         - Mr. Rajeev Solanki:rajeevsolanki@hotmail.com
Jt.Secretary         - Ms. Sudha Iyer : sudha_iyer100@hotmail.com     
Jt.Secretary         - Mr. Anoop Rohera : arohera74@gmail.com
Jt.Secretary         - 
Mr. Sanjeev Goyal : cwaskg@gmail.com         
 Jt Secretary - Anil Parasher        
Executive Members      - Mr. Shashi Kapoor  ,Mr. P.B.Mishra, Dr Manish Mishra, Mr, Anil Nayal, Mr. D Nautiyal,

   : dwarkaforum@gmail.com   
Meeting ended with vote of thanks.

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